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·         Guide to Grammar and Writing

·         Online English Grammar

·         Upper-Intermediate exercises  

·         410 Grammar topics (grammar practice  for intermediate students by the University of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

·         Level 490 materials (some cloze tests and reading practice)

·         Level 570 materials 



Webs with grammatical points for upper intermediate (Indexed by alphabetical order)


Conditional sentences:

·         Some exercises prepared by Maribel González

Pasive voice:

· exercises prepared by Maribel González



Reported speech:

·         Introduction

·         Cambios en los tiempos verbales

·         Reporting statements   

·          Reporting questions .

·         Test practice

·         Some exercises prepared by Maribel González


Phrasal Verbs:

·         Exercises:

·         50 Phrasal Verbs [break, call, do & get]

·         50 Phrasal Verbs [give, go & look]

·         50 Phrasal Verbs [make, put & take] 

·         50 Phrasal Verbs (a choice): Crossword

·         Phrasal Verb Dispenser (Shockwave required) 

·         Jumbled Phrasal Verbs

·         Phrasal Verbs Hangman

·         Phrasal Verbs: separable or non-separable?

·         More phrasal verbs


Verb Patterns:


·         Infinitives or gerunds: Some exercises prepared by Maribel González



INTERNET ADVANCED ENGLISH PRACTICE: Exercises and examination practice           .

·         Karin’s ESL PartyLand

·         World English

·         Grammar, rephrasings, a little vocabulary

·         Interactive rephrasings

·         Word Building exercises

·         The FCE Trainer

·         Vocabulary tests which are corrected on line at



·         Many interactive Cloze tests at The Half-Baked Interactive Exercises [last visited 20/05/08]. Check the following examples:

·         Cloze tests also at  [last visited 20/05/08]

·         Cloze tests at UNRESTRICTEDAREA.COM, Matthew Furfine’s website [last visited 20/05/08]



·         Rephrasings at Self-Access corner, a website by Maria Godoy. It gives you the solutions to the exercises. Check the many aexercises on the left-side bar.







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